Programs & Classes

To become more involved in any program or to take a class please contact us.


Mentoring Makes A Difference

Mentoring works. It reduces substance use and delinquency while improving school performance. The Mentoring Makes a Difference Program provides an opportunity for a positive, caring adult, volunteer to meet with a matched child, ages 6-12, for one hour a week in a supervised, after school setting.

Teen Outreach Program (TOP)

The Teen Outreach Program is provided in the St. James School District in coordination with the Phelps/Maries County Health Department. Caring and highly trained adult facilitators guide students through a unique combination of engaging curriculum and experiential community service that helps teens build strengths and hone social emotional skills proven to bolster success later in life. These skills include emotion management, empathy, teamwork, responsibility, initiative and problem solving.


Too Good For Drugs

Skill development is at the core of Too Good for Drugs, a universal K-12 prevention education program designed to mitigate the risk factors and enhance protective factors related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) use. The lessons introduce and develop social and emotional skills for making healthy choices, building positive friendships, developing self-efficacy, communicating effectively, and resisting peer pressure and influence.

Too Good for Drugs teaches five essential social and emotional learning skills, which research has linked with healthy development and academic success:

  • Setting Reachable Goals
  • Making Responsible Decisions
  • Bonding with Pro-Social Others
  • Identifying and Managing Emotions
  • Communicating Effectively

(Mendez Foundation, 2019)


Classes are provided by appointment with a licensed staff. The course contains four individual one-hour sessions. Each course is $120. Please contact the office or use the form to request an appointment.

Anger Management

Individualized anger management training/classes are provided through structured, multiple sessions with licensed staff.

Parent Education 

Individualized parent education classes are provided through a series of structured one on one training and discussion sessions.


Counseling for Kids and Parents

Short-term, counseling services are provided for students and parents.